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After the Parliamentary recess, the newly formed Public Petitions Committee agreed to continue to investigate - see the Petition page for a full update.

Visit our PETITION page and click on the link (in red) to the Scottish Parliament website where you can select 'Written Submissions' to see what the various bodies and organisations think of our Petition.

You can also read the official record of all the Holyrood sessions thus far.

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Realgrassroots are looking for players who
have experience of the pro youth system.

 Good or bad, email us in confidence with your story.

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Herer are some of the written comments submitted thus far in response to PE1319.

These restrictions put undue pressure on pupils… – Dundee Council

There also needs to be greater equity in terminating the contract……No organisation set up or controlled by adults should draw up regulations that severely inhibit the development of any child……Why should there be any charge levied for training, given clubs receive grants to carry out said training? ….For clubs, the education of the child is secondary’ – Scottish Youth FA

I have some very real concerns about initiatives which appear to restrict the freedoms of young people……I do believe that the issues raised in the petition highlight a range of potential breaches of childrens’ rights under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child……..Young people should be allowed to continue playing for their school/boys clubs whilst registered to the SFA’s Youth Initiative……..Compensation payments for young people moving between clubs should be abolished immediately. They are overly restrictive and unfair. – Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People.

This relationship (registration/contracts) appears to favour the club rather than the freedoms of the individual….It would appear unfair that all the power in this contractual relationship lies with the club’ – STUC

A contract which restricts a child’s right to participate in school activities and other normal childhood play and activities in order to protect the interests of others, rather than those of the child may not be in the interests f the child – Scottish Child Law Centre

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Scotland has somewhere in the region of 120, 000 youngsters participating in football whether through schools or juvenile clubs. 

There is an army of volunteers out there giving countless hours of time, effort and hard work to sustain the participation levels we currently enjoy. Do you believe we are getting it right at the bottom of the player pyramid? What would you change? What are your experiences of the pro-youth system, as a player, coach, teacher, parent or supporter?

Click here to provide your FEEDBACK or comments.

 Realgrassroots is a campaign to question the way in which our country develops young players. We are doing this by using a Public Petition as a vehicle to engage a variety of bodies, organisations and individuals. The National team, its youth teams and our clubs are under performing and the need for change has never been more pressing. There is an opportunity now to change the direction were are heading in and address the issues, starting at the Realgrassroots.

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